My experience with the team at Action Cycles N sleds was positive and helpful. The sales team were prompt and proficient in helping my buy a new bike. So much so I filled out the application on line and they took care of the rest. I appreciated the positive atmosphere, I was treated like a valued costumer. While in the facility I was approached by a number of employees with a genuine eager to help me. But not pushy to sell me stuff. The Action Cycles Team left me with the impression that they are interested in serving our community, and treated me with respect rather I was a first time customer or not. I will continue to do business with them. I hope that team can continue to operate with the level of professionalism and respect I observed towards me, and others that entered that establishment while every time I was there. But like all things theres room for improvement. Unfortunately the brand new bike I purchased came incomplete missing some parts from the factory so the action cycles n sleds team was unable to completely put my bike together. I purchased my bike four days ago and I may have to wait up to three more days before I could ride my bike. Due to the reason of shipping the required missing parts from the factory.
Mike Mckay
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